About Me

About Me

Robin Foster
Email: robin.savingstories@gmail.com
I have been researching and helping people discover and share information about their ancestors since 1985. I have a full knowledge of historical documentation and current online technologies used in genealogical research to document ancestors who lived in Southern states and in other regions.  I specialize in resources generated in Southern States. 
I am an expert in social media networking and in helping others develop an online presence. I have been publishing and designing Heritage Makers storybooks since 2007. My storybook, “Brought Home By a Story,” was selected “Best of Heritage Past” in 2008.
With my expert research skills, I have been able to help many identify resources to document their ancestors, organize findings, and share findings with extended family. I recently
I have several blogs and web sites where I share helpful resources. I am the Columbia Ethnic Community Examiner and the Columbia Social Media Examiner.
Social Media and Networking
I love helping others find their voice using social media.  I consider myself a social media and social networking guru since I have had so much success integrating technology and genealogy on the most common sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.  You can also find me on YouTubeBlogInteract, FamilySearch Wiki, FamilySearch Forums, StumbleUpon, Scribd, BlogTalkRadio, and more!
I have taught social networking classes at the local LDS Employment Resource Center.
I have reinvented my Track2Success blog where I am sharing more that I know about developing an online presence.  Join the Track2Success Facebook Community Page and Follow me on Twitter @Track2Success to learn more.

Going Social With Genealogy

Are you feeling somewhat of a learning curve but do not know how to begin social networking? This is a place where you can ask questions and learn about the principles others have used to successfully find and establish relationships where they are able to collaborate together.  Check out my FREE online course:  "Going Social with Genealogy."
Learn how to find, share, connect, and engage!
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